Commissioned to recreate smaller version of Reflections of Peace painting

From time to time, I get commissioned to recreate a certain painting, either with a different color scheme, size, or other feature from the original. I recently painted the “Reflections of Peace” painting, and was asked to recreate a smaller version. Here is the recreated painting, from start to finish, including its new home:          

Latest Artwork: Reflections of Peace acrylic painting

After a few commission projects, I was itching to paint what was in my mind and heart. This piece, “Reflections of Peace,” created itself in the moment, I didn’t have a complete image in my mind when I started, but it came together as I played with the paint. Here are photos of the process …

Finding Solace in Nature: Guam Friends, Jungle, Beach, Moonrise, Sunset & More

Nature is seriously at the top of my list of “things” I love. Just sitting and being, enjoying the view, soaking up the peace and quiet, admiring the beauty in the simple things, like a leaf, or two fluttering butterflies… The moon rising, moss on a tree, a fading sunset by the beach, interesting cloud …

Quiet Creative Session of Hearts, Abstract Birds, Color, & Fairy Wings

This weekend we had a very quiet Creative Session, but no shortage of creativity! Lots of imagination, hearts, color, wings, feathers, abstract shapes, fairy wings, and coffee, of course! I didn’t get as many photos as I hoped to, but here are the few I captured:  

Recipe for a Good Day: Classical Creative

Classical Creative Ingredients: Mini cleanse (rinse face, change clothes, shower etc. anything to feel fresh) Big glass of water Your favorite sketchbook, journal, etc. Muzio Clementi radio or similar lively classical piano Guidelines: Nothing bad can come of this recipe, in any order, combination, or amount. I feel good with at least 10 minutes, 20 …