Black and White Divine Mother Commission Painting

The Divine Mother painting commissions continue! This one is especially unique because it is done in only black, white, and gold paint for a modern style finish for my client’s new office. This piece is a 16″x20″ acrylic on stretched canvas, and to follow are photos and videos of the painting process.

The Making of  a Golden Goddess Painting

Time for some sponge action to create a full-textured Golden Goddess painting commission, inspired by the original Life Force paintings I did a couple years back. This piece was commissioned through the Divine Mother fundraiser campaign to open my art studio. Here’s a play-by-play of the sponging action and close-ups on the textures.

A Pair of Unique Divine Mother Painting Commissions

The first set of commissioned Divine Mother paintings are just about finished, with maybe a few adjustments before they are released. They are each unique, one in similar likeness to the original, and one with a different look and feel. I wanted to incorporate the balance between grounded roots (and DNA), and outstretching light and spirit. …

Commission a Painting and Help Open a Guam Art Studio

Click the link below or picture above to read the full details on how you can help support my IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to FINALLY open an actual art studio space in Hagatña, here on Guam. I recently painted a “Divine Mother” piece for myself, as my own sort of “guide” to keep on my wall, to …