A Starfish Commission Painting in the Making!

Commission complete! A starfish was requested, now it’s time to sign, seal and deliver. This was a really fun piece. I got to play with my new palette knives to create that blended impasto look for the background. Metallic blue and gold were also used in this painting. 30″x30″ acrylic on stretched canvas.

Latte Stone Paintings for the Valley of the Latte Festival

The Guam Valley of the Latte Adventure Park just held its first annual festival along the Talofofo River, where there is also an ancient latte stone village site. I was one of the artists exhibiting, and these are two 8″x10″ latte stone paintings that I did for the event.

Behind the Scenes of the Dramatic Cat Commission

The final piece of a recent commission collection is finished! A dramatic cat painting, done in a non-abstract style for once. Black, white and green are the palette and an alert kitty gives the staredown of both curiosity and readiness. Decided to sketch it first to try to get the proportions to look okay.  This was …

Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa: Painting a turtle, abstract flowers, galaxies, dragon

October’s Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa coffee shop/bar was really nice. Always relaxing, and we always simply CREATE. This month’s painting session included progress on a calming turtle piece, and some abstract work, different pieces inspired by a galaxy idea, earthy tones, dragon scales and purple blending, and a yellow flower.

New Little Creations: Amethyst Latte Stone & Shooting Star

The other day I really needed to just sit and paint something. I chose these two small canvases (6″x8″), because I had an idea that I wanted to do pretty quickly, rather than a large piece. The first piece I did was a dark, “Amethyst Latte Stone” piece, with a sort of crystal and grunge …

Guam Art for Sale: High quality prints & more on Fine Art America

So I recently listed my artwork for sale on Fine Art America, and am now able to offer high quality prints on a variety of things like canvas, metal, cards, pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, phone cases and more. I have been going through the process of getting everything all set up, and so far, …

Artwork Prints, Pillows, Phone Cases, Tote Bags, Duvet Covers & More!

Hooray!!! You can now buy prints of my artwork in any size, framed or matted, on canvas, poster or metal. Or get it on a pillow! Also available are phone cases, tote bags, duvet covers & greeting cards. All prints and merchandise are made from high quality materials created by Fine Art America, and can …

The Easy Way I Got Started Painting With Acrylics

One of the most common questions I get asked about painting is: What supplies do you use and where do you buy them? I am writing this to save myself from repeating my answer over and over. I mean, I don’t mind, but this will be much more helpful, for me and you. So, painting …

Creation Spotlight: Sunset Wave Painting Start to Finish

A couple weeks ago I painted this wave piece, full of thick texture and complimentary colors, blending the sunset’s warmth into the ocean coolness. It is a 24″x30″ acrylic on stretched canvas. Here are pictures of the process from start to finish. The piece is currently located at MoSa’s Joint Restaurant in Tamuning, Guam.

Creative Spotlight ~ She Dances 11″x14″ Painting

She Dances. This piece is inspired by many photos I’ve come across of beautiful belly dancers, with their sensual movements and eye-catching outfits. Black and gold has always been a color combination that I love, and decided to use it for this piece. 11″x14″ acrylic on stretched canvas.

A Portrait Painting Experiment ~ Jolynn Redmond

So as I have mentioned before, fine art portrait painting and other technical art are not my expertise or preference. However, I have been challenging myself to take on more and try to improve in this area. I had a request for a painting based on a photo taken by Frank Henshaw of the lovely …

Creative Spotlight: Agat Marina Painting for Video Project

So I am currently collaborating with a local filmmaker and director James Davis creating a short documentary clip of me as an artist. I’ve been on video many times, but I’m still mortified every time I see/hear myself. The cool thing is getting to see the process of gathering footage and putting things together. It’s …

Creative Spotlight: Sailing Away Paintings + Video

Sailing inspiration! At Sea, and Smooth Sailing. Inspired by my dad, requesting a special painting to give to a dear friend as a gift. I caught the ocean bug and I just want to paint water, water, water. Here they are, including a time-lapse video of the process for the 1st “At Sea” piece: “At …

Creative Spotlight: Spirit Tree 2 Time Lapse Painting

I love trees so much, I decided it was time to paint another spirit tree. The last one I painted sold at Pika’s Cafe. This one will be going up in the new MoSa’s Joint restaurant opening in Tamuning, Guam. On Guam we call the banyan trees Taotaomo’na trees, otherwise known as the Nunu tree, …

Painting Facelift: Always Kiss Me Good Night

This painting was brought to me (after a custom piece was commissioned and loved!) with the request to give it a boost, a facelift if you will. The painting would likely go in the same room that the Tree of Grace would, so I decided to continue with the earthy magical tree concept.