Strength in Roots Commission Painting

Earlier this month I was commissioned to paint a 2nd piece for a lovely little family. The first one was for the little girl’s birthday a couple years ago, and now that baby brother has entered the world, time for a new birthday painting! I created this one in similar likeness to his big sister’s …

New Art Stuffs on the Easel & in the Sketchbook

A typhoon of art inspirations taking over my little studio room. Pulled everything out to get a good look at this sea of art inventory. Painted a couple new abstract pieces; a thick impasto-like abstract Guam sunset in blues and golds (16″x20″), and an abstract purplish flower piece (24″x36″). All acrylic paint. Also, I sketched …

A happy update on a painting that has travelled thousands of miles!

I love getting messages like these! An update on the very first big taotaomo’na tree piece that I did: “It’s found its permanent resting place in Kingston, WA. It made it from Guam to Virginia for a couple years and is now in WA. Still our favorite painting!” -Andrea

Latest Creation: Moonlit Guam Jungle Tree & River

This Saturday was the September Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa, and while we only had a couple people, it was an opportunity to really focus in on what I was creating. I wanted to create some kind of enchanted forest artwork, but with a Guam jungle setting instead.

Time-lapse Video of the Tree of Wisdom Painting from Start to Finish!

You may have seen my previous post showing the progress of the Tree of Wisdom painting. The piece is finally finished, and I’ve compiled all the footage of the process from start to finish. Here is a time-lapse of the painting, to music: “Firestone” by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell.

Creative Spotlight: Spirit Tree Start to Finish + Installation

Working on another Spirit Tree, I love doing these!! A part of me wants to keep this piece, but it isn’t meant for me… Here are photos of the process from start to finish, plus shots of the piece delivered to its new (beautiful) home.  

Creative Spotlight: Spirit Tree 2 Time Lapse Painting

I love trees so much, I decided it was time to paint another spirit tree. The last one I painted sold at Pika’s Cafe. This one will be going up in the new MoSa’s Joint restaurant opening in Tamuning, Guam. On Guam we call the banyan trees Taotaomo’na trees, otherwise known as the Nunu tree, …

Magic Tree Painting Sold!

Thank you Andrea, a beautiful painting for a beautiful soul. I am thrilled to have this special piece to go to someone who really loves it. Happy birthday Andrea, you deserve it, and have a wonderful and blessed journey! And of course, huge THANK YOU to Pika’s Cafe for the opportunity to exhibit my artwork …

Creative Spotlight: Magic Tree Painting

Up next going in to my exhibit at Pika’s Cafe in Upper Tumon, Guam (across St. John’s school)… the Magic Tree. Acrylic painting on 3’x5′ stretched canvas. I’ve been wanting to paint a big tree again for awhile now, and finally got my fix! May put a few more finishing touches on the tree, but …