Commissioned Artworks: Nutcracker & Sunflower

A recent commission project that came up was to do a Nutcracker painting as holiday decor, and a Sunflower painting. There is also a cat piece, but I haven’t started that one yet. That’s next! Here is the process for the Nutcracker & Sunflower pieces:

Creative Spotlight: Abstract Colorful Wave & Guåsali Flower

Went into painting mode today, and finished these two pieces, a colorful abstract wave, and the guåsali flower native to Guam. Had fun using my palette knife, it’s been awhile since I’ve played with these tools. Creative experimentation… The abstract wave is 16″x20″ and the Guåsali is 24″x24″ and both will be available for sale.

Creation Spotlight: Waves, Trees, Flowers, Turtles, Latte Stones

My temporary (1 week) studio… took advantage of my brother leaving to Fiji for a surf competition…                                       12″x12″ Latte stones                         Finished 24″x30″ Turtle   …

Creative Spotlight: Island Goddess & Red Orange Flower

Created these two pieces at the Creative Session on Saturday. The Island Goddess was an image I had in my mind that morning, although it evolved when the brush was put to canvas. This is what usually happens, I have a general image in mind, but once the paint goes down, things change. And I …