Year-End Original Art Promo Before Prices Go Up!

Hafa adai beautiful people of the world (yes, YOU)! I have an amazing array of original art pieces (all acrylic paintings on stretched canvas) available for sale. You can view them at or you can also arrange with me to see them in person (contact info below). I will be at the Holiday Craft Fair at …

Jungle Rooster Time Lapse Painting Video from Start to Finish

Due to popular demand, I have painted another rooster, or “gayu” as we call them in Chamorro here on Guam. I’m sure this won’t be the last, and in fact, this might be the start of a collection of pieces to showcase in an exhibit. A rooster exhibit! Here are some photos of the piece …

Creative Session Tidbits

Here are some tidbits from this past Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa. For some strange reason I didn’t get pics of the lovely creations made by Jody and her daughter! I was in a zone that day. =)

Creative Spotlight: Joyful Dance

The latest commission piece I’m working on is for a fiery little princess who just turned 1 year old. This is a piece that she can “grow into” and cherish for years. I think it captures her fun-loving nature.

Creative Adventures Photo Blog

Just some highlights from my latest creative adventures… pretty flowers, a neighborhood peacock, a light show warehouse party for my friends’ ShipRight BoatShop grand opening, photo-art made out of selfies, and a close-up on the rooster painting I did recently.  

Painting Facelift: Always Kiss Me Good Night

This painting was brought to me (after a custom piece was commissioned and loved!) with the request to give it a boost, a facelift if you will. The painting would likely go in the same room that the Tree of Grace would, so I decided to continue with the earthy magical tree concept.

Painting & Self Portraits Day

I love photography just about as much as I love painting. Over the years, I’ve gotten way more comfortable with being in photos and also taking self-portraits, especially as I’ve had to do so for my website and other projects requiring a photo and artist bio. It is weird at first writing about yourself and …

Guam Reef Hotel Art Project PART 1

It has been a serendipitous series of events that led up to the project’s birth. There are so many parallels to this story, it will probably sound too good to be true if I share it all here. Let’s just say everything happens at exactly the moment it is meant to, and to be clear …