Why I Won’t Be Holding the Luna Festival this Year

Ok, I will be honest, it was hard just to write that title. As difficult and bittersweet as it’s been to come to this decision, I know it is the right one. Here’s why. In order to convey what led to this decision, let me go back in time to when I had the inspiration …

Coconut Tree Goddesses: Twin Paintings

You may recall my previous post on the Coconut Fire Goddess painting I did. Well, she now has a twin! The Coconut Water Goddess painting has been created as a sister painting for two lovely ladies. Here are pics:                

Coconut Fire Goddess Painting

Soon she will have a twin sister, but for now, here is the Coconut Fire Goddess painting, a commissioned piece. This warm, rich, fiery piece will soon have a cool counterpart, a Coconut Moon Goddess sister. 11″x14″ acrylic on stretched canvas.

Art on Guam: Infinite Love Time-Lapse Painting Video by Michelle Pier

The latest commission artwork by Michelle Pier, a 4’x6′  acrylic painting on canvas titled “Infinite Love,” was documented from start to finish in this time-lapse video:

Creative Spotlight ~ Life Force Energy Painting

For those with a fire in their heart that may feel dimmed at times, but always still a spark, waiting for life to breathe it into a flame, a full on blaze of unstoppable life force energy. Treat this power with love, respect & nurturing. Use it for creation, not destruction. Channel that intensity with …