Finding Solace in Nature: Guam Friends, Jungle, Beach, Moonrise, Sunset & More

Nature is seriously at the top of my list of “things” I love. Just sitting and being, enjoying the view, soaking up the peace and quiet, admiring the beauty in the simple things, like a leaf, or two fluttering butterflies… The moon rising, moss on a tree, a fading sunset by the beach, interesting cloud …

Full Moon Photo Journal Recap of Adventures & Inspirations

A photo journal of the last month’s adventures, life milestones, inspirations, random shenanigans, errands, creative projects, and scenic moments. A story in imagery from one full moon to the next!

Skyscapes, Seascapes, Winescapes, Chill Sessions, Studio Shots & Surfboards

Just as the title states: Skyscapes, Seascapes, Winescapes, Chill Sessions, Studio Shots & Surfboards are what you’ll find in this photo-journal blog post! Enjoy and cheers.

Happy Easter from Guam!

We celebrated Easter yesterday on Guam, and the weather was beautiful! It was fun day filled with a lot of colors, family, friends, and food. The kids also had fun playing the parachute game, as well as other adventures and mischief of course).            

Creative Spotlight: Waves Commission Painting Start to Finish

Here are photos of the process from start to finish of this commission painting I just completed. It is a beach scene, and while it isn’t a specific spot painted in its accuracy, the image was based off of a photo of some waves breaking at a particular surf spot on Guam. I gave it …