Skyscapes, Seascapes, Winescapes, Chill Sessions, Studio Shots & Surfboards

Just as the title states: Skyscapes, Seascapes, Winescapes, Chill Sessions, Studio Shots & Surfboards are what you’ll find in this photo-journal blog post! Enjoy and cheers.

Creative Session: The Healing Power of Art

Hafa adai! This weekend I had the special honor of leading a Creative Session focusing on the healing power of art. Art has a natural way of being healing, simply through the act of creating. The creative process is something that happens in everyday life… You have an idea, or see something inspiring. You have …

Jellyfish Painting Party Full of Colorful Creations

We had a fun painting party last night, creating a variety of jellyfish artworks! As always, my favorite part of these sessions is seeing the diversity and unique creativity in every person’s piece. A fuzzy little kitten made it’s way into my camera roll as well.

Guam Art for Sale: High quality prints & more on Fine Art America

So I recently listed my artwork for sale on Fine Art America, and am now able to offer high quality prints on a variety of things like canvas, metal, cards, pillows, duvet covers, tote bags, phone cases and more. I have been going through the process of getting everything all set up, and so far, …

Artwork Prints, Pillows, Phone Cases, Tote Bags, Duvet Covers & More!

Hooray!!! You can now buy prints of my artwork in any size, framed or matted, on canvas, poster or metal. Or get it on a pillow! Also available are phone cases, tote bags, duvet covers & greeting cards. All prints and merchandise are made from high quality materials created by Fine Art America, and can …

The Easy Way I Got Started Painting With Acrylics

One of the most common questions I get asked about painting is: What supplies do you use and where do you buy them? I am writing this to save myself from repeating my answer over and over. I mean, I don’t mind, but this will be much more helpful, for me and you. So, painting …

Midsummer Musings and Random Photo Adventures

A collection of photos from random adventures and musings over the last month. A little behind-the-scenes look into my wonderful wacky life including beach trips, night-out selfies, cool little shots of nature, piling slippers onto our cat, windy wild hair, bonfires, surf sessions and sunset skies.    

Painting Party at Guma’ Tasa Turns Out Beautiful Creations

This week I hosted a private painting party at Guma’ Tasa with an amazing group of ladies. I loved watching all of their creations come to life on the canvas. It never ceases to amaze me, watching the unique process that every individual has. Here are some photos: