Photo Inspirations That Keep the Creativity Flowing

Today is my son’s 11th birthday, and he stayed home with me because he isn’t feeling well. Every year my sons’ birthdays remind me to reflect, because their arrival into this world were huge milestones. I can’t believe how much has happened in 11 years. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the utterly amazing. …

Summer Adventures Continue!

More photos from the random shenanigans this summer, ranging from beach days, the Electric Island Festival, book launch painting event for Handful of Smoke, studio painting shenanigans, fun with friends and family, skateboarding adventures, painting on location photoshoots and of course, beautiful shots of nature.

Summer Adventures in Photos

Summer is rolling by quickly, especially since it started out with a crazy bang when FestPac took over for a couple weeks. It’s all an adventurous blur right now, as we get into the usual summer swing of things. Here are the adventures over the last month or so, as told through photos:

April Adventures of Life, Love & Laughter on Guam

At the end of every month I share photos from all the random adventures of my life between paintings. There is never a shortage of nature captures, fun in the sun, friends, family, and miscellaneous shenanigans. April’s batch of fun imagery is no exception!

Adventures of March Memories in Photos

What a month! It isn’t even quite over yet. March continues to march to the beat of its own drum, urging us all to do the same. So many surprises, travel, simple adventures in nature, risks and rewards, hard work, reflection, captures of beauty, letting go, spring break at the pool, the beach & the …

Adventures at the Incredible Biltmore Estate in Asheville

Asheville can’t get rid of me now, I’m hooked! This was my 2nd trip, as part of the Uplevel Gold business retreat. Since I didn’t get to visit the Biltmore estate the first trip, I made it a priority in advance this time. And I guess I got lucky, because apparently they don’t usually allow …

Photo Adventures of Friends, Family, Art & Surf in January!

January has been full of fun, all alongside kicking off the year and getting in gear business-wise. Including, though not limited to: Hiking, goats (Wendy, specifically), kids, dogs, surfing, surfboard making, happy hour, networking, events, reading, retreat, art, MoSa’s Joint, and more surfing. I will let the photos do the storytelling in this case!

Latest Guam Adventures With Kids, Surf, Jungle Hikes & Miscellaneous Fun

November has been quite a month!!! Here are the adventures in a photo-recap, including Guam scenery at the beach, on a jungle/cave hike, the moon, my dog, the kids, surfing adventures, art adventures, women in business conference, food gatherings with friends, and miscellaneous selfies and fun:

Backyard Tropical Adventures, Selfies, Coco the Dog, Cute Kids, 10th Birthday Shenanigans & MORE

Adventures around the house, from the lush backyard jungle to the kitchen table with coffee getting to work. A million selfies, out and about at the Acoustic Attack Live local music showcase, experimenting with dragon scale makeup for my Luna Festival costume, crazy hair days upside down, with and without humidity. My friends’ super cute kid, …

Midsummer Musings and Random Photo Adventures

A collection of photos from random adventures and musings over the last month. A little behind-the-scenes look into my wonderful wacky life including beach trips, night-out selfies, cool little shots of nature, piling slippers onto our cat, windy wild hair, bonfires, surf sessions and sunset skies.    

A Rare Family Gathering + Miscellaneous Creative Adventures

Some photos from the miscellaneous events and gatherings over the last week, including: Artist appreciation night by GIFF (Guam International Film Festival), before they debuted the Spring Showcase on Saturday April 18th. Other adventures included grandpa/grandson surf session, a captured rhino beetle, and a multi-celebration (3 birthdays and my parents’  42nd anniversary) with my family …

Birthdays, Holiday Celebrations and Fun Adventures

Whew! This Holiday Season has been packed with fun memories. Had a great birthday celebration with friends, we did outdoor movies via projector (complete with blankets and popcorn and floating lanterns!), celebrated Christmas with family, chilled with friends at the pool, spent days and days surfing at Talofofo Bay and elsewhere, rang in the new …

Creative Adventures ~ Birthdays, Bonfires, Sunsets, Animals, & Surfboard Making

I get asked about inspiration a lot. “What inspires you?” “Where do your ideas come from?” “How do you keep the process going?” Well the simple answer is: Living life. Every day there is something to be inspired by. Enjoying life, observing your surroundings, noticing things that catch your attention, appreciating beauty, having fun with …

Creative Adventures Photo Blog

Just some highlights from my latest creative adventures… pretty flowers, a neighborhood peacock, a light show warehouse party for my friends’ ShipRight BoatShop grand opening, photo-art made out of selfies, and a close-up on the rooster painting I did recently.  

Adventures at Sea~ Surfing, Sailing & Dolphins on Guam

Living on Guam has its perks, like everyday access to the bluest of blue Pacific ocean! We have been enjoying the ocean, fishing, surfing, swimming, playing in the sand, going on the sailboat, and enjoying the company of a ton of dolphins. If interested in booking a sailing charter on the Rubicon, my dad’s boat, …