7th annual Luna Festival a Successful Day of Creative Awesomeness

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Luna Festival this weekend, even with all the rain we had! Thank you to everyone who supported this event in ANY way, even with just good vibes from across the world. THANK YOU. We had an amazing day full of creative arts and expression, with a …

The 7th LUNA FESTIVAL is this Sunday!

Wow, I can’t believe it is here, that time of year again, when yet another (7th) annual Luna Festival is ready to go. You won’t want to miss it, so be at Jeff’s Pirates Cove on Sunday, October 25th, from noon-8pm for a jam-packed day of celebrating the creative arts on Guam. We have 70 …

Latest Art, Fun, Events, Celebrations & Adventures in Photos

The latest in my world includes my dear friend’s birthday celebration, hanging at friends’ houses, helping with a carwash fundraiser for the new MoSa’s Joint, the latest surfboard shaped by my dad, late night painting sessions and collaborations, crazy hair days, and the Nightshow event that raised money for typhoon relief in Saipan. Boom. Enjoy!

New Paintings! Spirit Tree, Green Abstract Waves

To view all original artwork currently available for sale, you can visit HERE. These are the latest paintings I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

Finding Solace in Nature: Guam Friends, Jungle, Beach, Moonrise, Sunset & More

Nature is seriously at the top of my list of “things” I love. Just sitting and being, enjoying the view, soaking up the peace and quiet, admiring the beauty in the simple things, like a leaf, or two fluttering butterflies… The moon rising, moss on a tree, a fading sunset by the beach, interesting cloud …

Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa: Painting a turtle, abstract flowers, galaxies, dragon

October’s Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa coffee shop/bar was really nice. Always relaxing, and we always simply CREATE. This month’s painting session included progress on a calming turtle piece, and some abstract work, different pieces inspired by a galaxy idea, earthy tones, dragon scales and purple blending, and a yellow flower.

Full Moon Photo Journal Recap of Adventures & Inspirations

A photo journal of the last month’s adventures, life milestones, inspirations, random shenanigans, errands, creative projects, and scenic moments. A story in imagery from one full moon to the next!

New Art Stuffs on the Easel & in the Sketchbook

A typhoon of art inspirations taking over my little studio room. Pulled everything out to get a good look at this sea of art inventory. Painted a couple new abstract pieces; a thick impasto-like abstract Guam sunset in blues and golds (16″x20″), and an abstract purplish flower piece (24″x36″). All acrylic paint. Also, I sketched …

A happy update on a painting that has travelled thousands of miles!

I love getting messages like these! An update on the very first big taotaomo’na tree piece that I did: “It’s found its permanent resting place in Kingston, WA. It made it from Guam to Virginia for a couple years and is now in WA. Still our favorite painting!” -Andrea

Please help support the 7th annual Luna Festival on Guam!

Your help is needed! At $300, 15% and 28 days left. The budget is looking kind of grim at the moment. Even if everyone donated just $1, it would get us there. Thank you to those who have jumped in so far, and also to those who have shared this as well, you know who you …

Arabella’s Shining Star Painting

Happy 1st birthday to a sparkling little star, Arabella. This is a painting commissioned for her, shown here from start to finish:

Native Flowers of Guam 2-piece Painting Project

I just finished a 2-piece painting project of a couple flowers that are native (or indigenous) to Guam and the Northern Marianas. The two featured are “niyoron” and “ifit,” in my artistic representation for a commissioned project. Here I show the painting process from start to finish:

Latest Creation: Moonlit Guam Jungle Tree & River

This Saturday was the September Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa, and while we only had a couple people, it was an opportunity to really focus in on what I was creating. I wanted to create some kind of enchanted forest artwork, but with a Guam jungle setting instead.

The Joys of Starting a Small Purposeful Business on Guam (step-by-step from an artist’s view)

Photo by David Zimms. Starting your own business is an intense undertaking. This post has been building in my mind for quite some time. There are many amazing points to sustaining your own solo-entrepreneur style business on Guam. However, there are also many challenges to getting yourself set up smoothly. It can be tricky if you are, for …

Backyard Tropical Adventures, Selfies, Coco the Dog, Cute Kids, 10th Birthday Shenanigans & MORE

Adventures around the house, from the lush backyard jungle to the kitchen table with coffee getting to work. A million selfies, out and about at the Acoustic Attack Live local music showcase, experimenting with dragon scale makeup for my Luna Festival costume, crazy hair days upside down, with and without humidity. My friends’ super cute kid, …

Why I am not offended by the offer of “exposure” in exchange for my work

You know what I’m talking about. Creative artists of all kinds get asked to donate their work or talent for a fundraiser, charity event, or whatever other production, in exchange for “exposure.” Some feel offended when asked to “give our talent for free.” I don’t. Here’s why. I’m specifically referring to the unpaid opportunities that come up …

New Little Creations: Amethyst Latte Stone & Shooting Star

The other day I really needed to just sit and paint something. I chose these two small canvases (6″x8″), because I had an idea that I wanted to do pretty quickly, rather than a large piece. The first piece I did was a dark, “Amethyst Latte Stone” piece, with a sort of crystal and grunge …

Amazing opening night of GAX (Guam Art Exhibit): The Portrait

Awesome night at Agana Shopping Center, where GAX (Guam Art Exhibit) held it’s Portrait themed opening night exhibit. Here are some photos I caught:

Artist Date: Transforming Infinity Goddess Sketch into Painting (video)

Friday night, I took myself on an artist date, not knowing what I’d create. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, is known for encouraging “artist dates,” where you make time away from your usual work just to enjoy yourself, by yourself. It is a really rewarding experience, and I really cherish time for solitude. …

Free Art Lesson: Latte Stone Acrylic Painting Demo by Michelle Pier

“IlluminLatte” is an abstract latte stone painting I did recently. I recorded the process from start to finish, sharing and explaining my painting style. This piece is an acrylic painting done on stretched canvas, and all the paint is Chroma brand metallic acrylics. This is a full length video, just over 20 minutes. Below is …