King’s Restaurant Guam Commission Artworks

I recently completed a commission project for the newly renovated King’s Restaurant in Tamuning, Guam. I created two large artworks, each 48″x48″ latte stones, one in pieces on the ground, and one standing upright, both in jungle background settings. Here are photos of the process from start to finish:

Limited Edition Latte Stone Print Sold to Pete the Collector

The original, first Latte Stone painting that I’d done to start a project intending to create 100 Latte Stone paintings in 1 year. That was a couple years ago, and I’m not sure if I’ve reached 100. I have painted many latte stones though! I got in a special print on metal of this piece, …

Latte Stone Paintings for the Valley of the Latte Festival

The Guam Valley of the Latte Adventure Park just held its first annual festival along the Talofofo River, where there is also an ancient latte stone village site. I was one of the artists exhibiting, and these are two 8″x10″ latte stone paintings that I did for the event.

Ray of Sunshine Commission Painting for Mom and Daughter

A fun and challenging commission painting, “Ray of Sunshine” is an acrylic painting on 11″x14″ stretched canvas recently finished. Based on a photo of a mother’s daughter, this piece is a special one, capturing the essence of her little girl reading, in the sanctuary of golden light streaming in through a bedroom window. I actually …

First Rooster Painting of the Year, Created and SOLD!

Right after I painted the Divine Mother piece, next up was a rooster to go on wall at the new MoSa’s Joint in Hagatna, my home away from home. Here is a play by play of the painting process, as well as a photo of the guys that came in and bought it (specifically the …

Commission a Painting and Help Open a Guam Art Studio

Click the link below or picture above to read the full details on how you can help support my IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to FINALLY open an actual art studio space in Hagatña, here on Guam. I recently painted a “Divine Mother” piece for myself, as my own sort of “guide” to keep on my wall, to …

The Biggest Latte Stone I’ve Ever Painted!

So I was up late one night (I think it was new year’s day? or the 2nd?) and decided to just go ahead and paint the giant canvas sitting in my room. Over the course of several hours, the biggest latte stone I’ve ever painted emerged. I have been loving using the crosshatch style of …

Behind the Scenes of the Dramatic Cat Commission

The final piece of a recent commission collection is finished! A dramatic cat painting, done in a non-abstract style for once. Black, white and green are the palette and an alert kitty gives the staredown of both curiosity and readiness. Decided to sketch it first to try to get the proportions to look okay.  This was …

Metal Prints are IN & Ready to Exhibit at the Holiday Craft Fair!

Some of you have asked if I’ll be selling any prints on metal at the Holiday Craft Fair this coming Sunday. Well the answer is YES, they just came in and I will be selling all except for one (the Lions, which is for display only). They are all shiny, smooth, mounted & ready to …

Commissioned Artworks: Nutcracker & Sunflower

A recent commission project that came up was to do a Nutcracker painting as holiday decor, and a Sunflower painting. There is also a cat piece, but I haven’t started that one yet. That’s next! Here is the process for the Nutcracker & Sunflower pieces:

Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa: Painting a turtle, abstract flowers, galaxies, dragon

October’s Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa coffee shop/bar was really nice. Always relaxing, and we always simply CREATE. This month’s painting session included progress on a calming turtle piece, and some abstract work, different pieces inspired by a galaxy idea, earthy tones, dragon scales and purple blending, and a yellow flower.

New Art Stuffs on the Easel & in the Sketchbook

A typhoon of art inspirations taking over my little studio room. Pulled everything out to get a good look at this sea of art inventory. Painted a couple new abstract pieces; a thick impasto-like abstract Guam sunset in blues and golds (16″x20″), and an abstract purplish flower piece (24″x36″). All acrylic paint. Also, I sketched …

A happy update on a painting that has travelled thousands of miles!

I love getting messages like these! An update on the very first big taotaomo’na tree piece that I did: “It’s found its permanent resting place in Kingston, WA. It made it from Guam to Virginia for a couple years and is now in WA. Still our favorite painting!” -Andrea

Native Flowers of Guam 2-piece Painting Project

I just finished a 2-piece painting project of a couple flowers that are native (or indigenous) to Guam and the Northern Marianas. The two featured are “niyoron” and “ifit,” in my artistic representation for a commissioned project. Here I show the painting process from start to finish:

Latest Creation: Moonlit Guam Jungle Tree & River

This Saturday was the September Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa, and while we only had a couple people, it was an opportunity to really focus in on what I was creating. I wanted to create some kind of enchanted forest artwork, but with a Guam jungle setting instead.

Why I am not offended by the offer of “exposure” in exchange for my work

You know what I’m talking about. Creative artists of all kinds get asked to donate their work or talent for a fundraiser, charity event, or whatever other production, in exchange for “exposure.” Some feel offended when asked to “give our talent for free.” I don’t. Here’s why. I’m specifically referring to the unpaid opportunities that come up …

New Little Creations: Amethyst Latte Stone & Shooting Star

The other day I really needed to just sit and paint something. I chose these two small canvases (6″x8″), because I had an idea that I wanted to do pretty quickly, rather than a large piece. The first piece I did was a dark, “Amethyst Latte Stone” piece, with a sort of crystal and grunge …

Artist Date: Transforming Infinity Goddess Sketch into Painting (video)

Friday night, I took myself on an artist date, not knowing what I’d create. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, is known for encouraging “artist dates,” where you make time away from your usual work just to enjoy yourself, by yourself. It is a really rewarding experience, and I really cherish time for solitude. …

Jellyfish Painting Party Full of Colorful Creations

We had a fun painting party last night, creating a variety of jellyfish artworks! As always, my favorite part of these sessions is seeing the diversity and unique creativity in every person’s piece. A fuzzy little kitten made it’s way into my camera roll as well.

Artwork Prints, Pillows, Phone Cases, Tote Bags, Duvet Covers & More!

Hooray!!! You can now buy prints of my artwork in any size, framed or matted, on canvas, poster or metal. Or get it on a pillow! Also available are phone cases, tote bags, duvet covers & greeting cards. All prints and merchandise are made from high quality materials created by Fine Art America, and can …