Native Flowers of Guam 2-piece Painting Project

I just finished a 2-piece painting project of a couple flowers that are native (or indigenous) to Guam and the Northern Marianas. The two featured are “niyoron” and “ifit,” in my artistic representation for a commissioned project. Here I show the painting process from start to finish:

The Adventures of Maleficent the Fairy Doll

When I was about ten years old, I got into making little fairies out of wire, embroidery thread, silk flowers & leaves, and beads. I stopped after awhile, but apparently my mom kept all my supplies in containers. I got a hold of it all recently, and eventually busted it out for a friend’s daughters …

Never imagined I’d be painting onto a wedding dress!

A few weeks ago, I had a unique opportunity to paint my art onto a wedding dress modeled by Erin Wong, 2014 Miss Earth Guam for the Pacific Daily News Guam Bridal Guide. Big thanks to Hannah Iriarte for reaching out to me for this project. The concept is to show the art as if …

Guam Sunsets are the Best!

On my way home from visiting with a friend, I decided at the last second to pull over to wait and catch the sunset. Found a lovely lone flower on the beach too. Turned out to be a beautiful mini adventure. Glad I followed that spontaneous urge.

Creative Adventures Photo Blog

Just some highlights from my latest creative adventures… pretty flowers, a neighborhood peacock, a light show warehouse party for my friends’ ShipRight BoatShop grand opening, photo-art made out of selfies, and a close-up on the rooster painting I did recently.  

Painting Facelift: Always Kiss Me Good Night

This painting was brought to me (after a custom piece was commissioned and loved!) with the request to give it a boost, a facelift if you will. The painting would likely go in the same room that the Tree of Grace would, so I decided to continue with the earthy magical tree concept.

Colorful Easter Fun on Guam

Another awesome Easter egg hunt, bbq and family/friends FUN. Tons of super yummy food, colorful eggs, outfits, flowers, and kids. This seems to be the one gathering of the year that we get a different variety of friends and family who make it out to Talofofo for this holiday. The kids played outside in the …

Painting & Self Portraits Day

I love photography just about as much as I love painting. Over the years, I’ve gotten way more comfortable with being in photos and also taking self-portraits, especially as I’ve had to do so for my website and other projects requiring a photo and artist bio. It is weird at first writing about yourself and …