Exploring Downtown Asheville: Art, Food, Beer & Pretty Trees!

Amazing art, food, beer, and pretty trees! These are a few of my favorite things! My previous post included my reflections and pictures from the Uplevel Academy Gold business retreat that I attended last week. I got to town a few days early, so took advantage of that and explored all over downtown Asheville, and …

Quiet Creative Session of Hearts, Abstract Birds, Color, & Fairy Wings

This weekend we had a very quiet Creative Session, but no shortage of creativity! Lots of imagination, hearts, color, wings, feathers, abstract shapes, fairy wings, and coffee, of course! I didn’t get as many photos as I hoped to, but here are the few I captured:  

Happy Easter from Guam!

We celebrated Easter yesterday on Guam, and the weather was beautiful! It was fun day filled with a lot of colors, family, friends, and food. The kids also had fun playing the parachute game, as well as other adventures and mischief of course).            

Sneak Peek on the Easel: A Big Colorful Tree in the Making

Last week I started a new piece, and it’s another big one! Pulled out a 4’x6′ canvas to play with, and I’m already having a blast painting what is shaping up to be a big colorful tree. It has a lot of warmth in it right now, but the next few layers of colors will be …

Jungle Rooster Time Lapse Painting Video from Start to Finish

Due to popular demand, I have painted another rooster, or “gayu” as we call them in Chamorro here on Guam. I’m sure this won’t be the last, and in fact, this might be the start of a collection of pieces to showcase in an exhibit. A rooster exhibit! Here are some photos of the piece …

An Unexpected Rainbow: Moonlit Clouds

“An Unexpected Rainbow” You can create anything, from where you are. You can do amazing things right where you are standing. You can breathe life into any environment, and add color & light to any dark space. You can turn any situation into a positive experience. Be the answer you’ve been waiting for, you have …

Art on Guam: Infinite Love Time-Lapse Painting Video by Michelle Pier

The latest commission artwork by Michelle Pier, a 4’x6′  acrylic painting on canvas titled “Infinite Love,” was documented from start to finish in this time-lapse video:

Art In Progress ~ Big Canvas Commission Piece Taking Shape

Art in progress… so this piece is starting to take shape. Still much more to go, but I enjoy sharing the process behind the painting, the many layers.    

On the Easel ~ Something Colorful in the Making

Going for something a little different, and very colorful. This piece is maybe halfway done… My easel right now:

Creative Spotlight: Spirit Tree Start to Finish + Installation

Working on another Spirit Tree, I love doing these!! A part of me wants to keep this piece, but it isn’t meant for me… Here are photos of the process from start to finish, plus shots of the piece delivered to its new (beautiful) home.  

Creative Spotlight: Abstract Colorful Wave & Guåsali Flower

Went into painting mode today, and finished these two pieces, a colorful abstract wave, and the guåsali flower native to Guam. Had fun using my palette knife, it’s been awhile since I’ve played with these tools. Creative experimentation… The abstract wave is 16″x20″ and the Guåsali is 24″x24″ and both will be available for sale.

Colorful Mother’s Day Retreat

Sharing some highlights from a lovely day with mamas. Mimosas, massage, delicious foods, henna, belly casting, belly dancing, music, artsy mandalas, doodling, singing, oh, and organic root beer floats with cappuccino rum say what?! SO freakin yummy.

Creative Session Tidbits

Here are some tidbits from this past Creative Session at Guma’ Tasa. For some strange reason I didn’t get pics of the lovely creations made by Jody and her daughter! I was in a zone that day. =)

Creative Spotlight: Joyful Dance

The latest commission piece I’m working on is for a fiery little princess who just turned 1 year old. This is a piece that she can “grow into” and cherish for years. I think it captures her fun-loving nature.

Creative Spotlight: Panel Flower, Life Force Bigger Sister Painting, Spiral Mama Goddess, Rooster

I’m just going to let the photos of the paintings do the talking for this post.

Creative Adventures Photo Blog

Just some highlights from my latest creative adventures… pretty flowers, a neighborhood peacock, a light show warehouse party for my friends’ ShipRight BoatShop grand opening, photo-art made out of selfies, and a close-up on the rooster painting I did recently.  

2 of 100 Latte Stones Project

Here is the 2nd of 100 latte stones that I will be painting as a part of my latest project 100 Latte Stones in 1 Year. Painted upside down so that any drippiness would go upward. Earthy color dabbing and blending… Ta da! Commentary from the Video Blog

Creative Spotlight: Flourishing: Time Lapsed Painting Video

Just finished a piece called “Flourishing” today. Took video footage and made a time-lapsed movie.

Colorful Easter Fun on Guam

Another awesome Easter egg hunt, bbq and family/friends FUN. Tons of super yummy food, colorful eggs, outfits, flowers, and kids. This seems to be the one gathering of the year that we get a different variety of friends and family who make it out to Talofofo for this holiday. The kids played outside in the …

Colorful Creative Adventure: Orange & Blue

Today I have just one boy with me, and we went down to surf at the bay, but he didn’t want to get in. Decided to have a Power Ranger adventure at the beach instead. Not often that we go and don’t get in the water! We had fun though, drumming on bamboo, practicing our …